Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside Your Annuity StressTest Report

  • Calculate all of the annuities fees (some annuity’s have obscure fees)
  • Identify the long-term impact of your annuity fees (on your annual returns, initial deposit, and income)
  • Compare the annuity’s performance against numerous best and worst-case financial scenarios
  • Calculate how many years it takes for your annuity to “break-even” (when selecting certain income riders)
  • See how your annuity performs against other annuities (and ensure you’re getting the highest rates)

Still Not Sure?

No worries. We currently don't charge for this report

We're ready to show you what the advisor that sold you the annuity didn't bother to tell you. And you can see for yourself at no cost. 

I look forward to helping you uncover everything you don't know, but wish you did, about your annuity.


Jeff Rose, CFP®